Adult Lesson 9Understanding God’s creation of humans gives us a better idea of what God had in mind for us. God specifically uses the word created three times in Genesis 1: first, for the creation of the physical universe; second, for the creation of the soul (self-awareness); and third, for the creation of the human spirit (God-awareness). Humans were the crowning act of creation, being created in His image, with three distinct parts/aspects: body, soul, and spirit. We are distinguished from the animals by our spirit, which defines us as human. Since animals have no spirit, they are incapable of having any concept of God. The human spirit is a purposeful creative act of God, not an evolutionary process or adaptation. Both males and females were created in His image; meaning we were created without sin, with the ability to make choices, with a mind to reason/think, and with the ability to understand spiritual things. God has a plan corresponding to each of our three aspects. First, He wants to save us (relates to our spirit), then to transform us by renewing our minds (relates to our soul), and finally, to give us a glorified body in the future.

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