Adult Lesson 8In Studies 1-3, we learned that God had a predestined plan that required us to be in Christ in order to be saved. In Studies 4-5, we learned more about being in Christ, and how the believer is put into Christ by the action of a spiritual baptism performed by the Holy Spirit. Then in Studies 6-7, we learned what saving faith really is: a personal faith in Christ’s death for the sinner. We learned a person does not have to know much of the Bible, be doctrinally correct, or say certain words/prayers to be saved. Now in Studies 8-9, we will learn about God’s design of humans and His plan for us based upon that design. Knowing the design of humans is most enlightening; it helps us understand God’s overall plan and purpose, that is, God’s desire for each of us. Indeed, understanding our design and His plan for our lives answers two of mankind’s oldest and most enduring questions: “Who am I?” and “What does God want from me?”

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