From South Africa:
“I thank the Lord for you and your ministry. Because His Work is ‘unseen’ – until that great day of Glory – you will not know how many people are being inspired and blessed in the word Rightly Divide throughout the world by your studies. Keep on keeping on and be encouraged greatly. There is nothing in this world that can compare with being a bible teacher of the Word rightly divided and to understand the true Gospel of Grace as given to Paul. I am so grateful to the Lord for everything I can learn – to pass on to the lost, and makes my life so rich and soul just burst with excitement – ALL THE TIME!”
Lauren, Grace Church of Port Elizabeth


From Malaysia:
“It’s so wonderful to hear from you words of comfort and encouragement and the kind ways in which you cheer us on in our life’s journey; as it can be so tough by our own self. Thank the good Lord for Christian such as you …. Brother, you have been serving the Lord in your own way and the Lord is touching our lives with comfort and blessings so it is biblical to share our substances whenever it comes in with you as servant of the Lord and to your ministry.”


From Kenya:
“We thank God for the leading of the Holy Spirit for the grace message that He gives you to teach, believing it will speak to our needs and spirit for the answers and guidance in our lives. God is faithful to meet our needs through His word and the Grace Bible Church family. We are in prayers believing God the possessor of heaven and earth to open you a door of opportunity to come and ignite us through your insightful and practical grace message teachings which we believe will be a great blessing in providing us with great and rich food for our hungry souls, Indeed it will be enriching and growing for our souls in the spiritual walk and Lord’s service.

“…our hearts are burning for the adult book on transformation and we humbly extend this request to your hearts that please help us receive it through our pastor, brother Titus as we believe it to be enriched in the way it teaches, encourages, prepares, exhorts, and strengthens….”


From South Africa:
“Bless you for your ministry – we are so excited – so little known of Grace in this area – we need to become distributors of this material.”


From the Philippines:
“Bible lessons for teens are critically important in this country (Philippines) but especially since they will be ‘grace oriented’ and directed toward a faithful understanding of the Scriptures. God bless you and your efforts to proclaim the wonderful message of grace in this way…. Obviously, He has laid it on your heart to do this ministry and therefore He has a plan and He will bless accordingly.”
Harry and Ann Viernes, Grace Missions Philippines, (parenthesis added)


From Zimbabwe:
“I started a charity called Sethule Trust in Zimbabwe… Sethule’s chief aim is to bring hope to orphans in rural areas & the gospel of Christ to rural families… Since we deal with young people on daily basis, your website has come in handy. The articles are well written and yet easy to follow. We have thus decided to use the lessons… we have the first lesson with 25 young people on Lesson 1: ‘Who is God?’ Thank you.”
Thabbeth Cotton

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