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Would you like to review our books?

If so, we are interested in working with you.

Grace4You Ministries is a relatively new ministry providing free teen lessons and adult studies.  In addition, we offer low-priced eBooks.  Our literature is solid Bible teaching, grace-oriented and designed to explore the Word of God.

We will provide you a copy of one (or both) of our ebooks ($3.99 value) in exchange for an honest review and a link to our website. Your review can be posted on your personal blog/website, an online forum or

If you would like to participate, please send your name and email address to Please indicate which book you would like to review:

If you do not have a personal website or blog, you can post your review on a public online forum or on the book’s page on  We will include more detailed review/link information when we reply to your request.

We are offering to provide you something of value (a copy of one of our books) in exchange for something of value (an honest review and a link to our website). If you download one of our eBooks, but are unable to post a review online, please consider purchasing that book at the regular purchase price.

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