Adult Lesson 16Being a homosexual is not a sin; homosexual behavior is. Since the behavior is sinful, a believing homosexual should not try to advance a homosexual agenda or justify the behavior. Instead, he or she should lead a celibate life, with God’s help, just as a non-married heterosexual is asked to do. Leading a celibate life can be very difficult, failures may occur, but the Lord makes it possible. Christians must not condemn homosexuals who are trying to live for the Lord; it is a deep struggle, and support from other Christians is essential. Some homosexuals cannot change their orientation, and God oftentimes does not do it either; it is a cross they must bear. There are many factors that are potential contributors to the origin of homosexuality: genetics, nutrition, nurture, hormones, society, choice, and more. Understanding the various origins helps us understand why some homosexuality can be altered and some cannot. Regardless of the origin, God loves homosexuals and does not give up on them.

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