The unchanging (Mal. 3:6), eternal, and Almighty God is beyond human words. God is so far above all we can grasp that we can’t even find proper comparisons. Recognizing this fact the Scripture notes, “Therefore You are great, O Lord God. For there is none like You, nor is there any God besides You…” (2 Sam. 7:22a). As we continue this study of Who is God, we realize how limited we are in trying to portray Him in a meaningful way. He is not at all like any of us for God says, “…You thought that I was altogether like you…” (Psa. 50:21). In spiteof our inability to describe God, deep inside each of us is an understanding (that is placed there by God) which allows us to grasp some of the essence of the Indescribable One. Today the word “awesome” is often used to portray God since it recognizes that God is above and beyond anything we have seen or heard.

Testimonial From Zimbabwe:

“I started a charity called Sethule Trust in Zimbabwe… Sethule’s chief aim is to bring hope to orphans in rural areas & the gospel of Christ to rural families… Since we deal with young people on daily basis, your website has come in handy. The articles are well written and yet easy to follow. We have thus decided to use the lessons… we have the first lesson with 25 young people on Lesson 1: ‘Who is God?’ Thank you.” – Thabbeth Cotton

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