Does God exist? What is He like? Does God care about me? What does He want from me? In the next two lessons, the basics of this topic will be considered. We will learn the most important thing in any person’s life is God. However important learning about Him may be, the thing God is most interested in is your faith in Him. Faith in simple truths is all He asks.

Testimonial From Zimbabwe:

“I started a charity called Sethule Trust in Zimbabwe… Sethule’s chief aim is to bring hope to orphans in rural areas & the gospel of Christ to rural families… Since we deal with young people on daily basis, your website has come in handy. The articles are well written and yet easy to follow. We have thus decided to use the lessons… we have the first lesson with 25 young people on Lesson 1: ‘Who is God?’ Thank you.” – Thabbeth Cotton

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