Adult Lesson 11Transformation changes the expression of our minds from what we had before salvation to that which is representative of Christ. Transformation (renewal of the mind) removes negative thinking (a source of mental and physical illness) and the burden of believing our performance is the measure of our standing or acceptance with the Lord. We all have mental baggage (hidden in the deep recesses of our minds) that holds us down and keeps us captive to the past; we have to get rid of it. The mistake many Christians make is thinking non-conformity to the world is transformation; it is not. Transformation produces non-conformance to the world, but no amount of non-conformance to the world will transform the mind. Renewal of the mind is a lifelong process by the Holy Spirit, whereby the fruit of the Spirit is produced within us. We do not get a renewed mind by just praying, asking, or believing; but by relying upon and collaborating with Him.

Testimonial From South Africa:

“I thank the Lord for you and your ministry. Because His Work is ‘unseen’ – until that great day of Glory – you will not know how many people are being inspired and blessed in the word Rightly Divide throughout the world by your studies. Keep on keeping on and be encouraged greatly. There is nothing in this world that can compare with being a bible teacher of the Word rightly divided and to understand the true Gospel of Grace as given to Paul. I am so grateful to the Lord for everything I can learn – to pass on to the lost, and makes my life so rich and soul just burst with excitement – ALL THE TIME!”
Lauren, Grace Church of Port Elizabeth

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