Adult Lesson 2Establishing the Purpose and Plan

God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33), any confusion we have comes from our own mind or from misunderstanding His Word. God, perfect in all ways, is very organized and thorough in all things, including planning for our salvation. From an anthropomorphic view (a human way of looking at the Almighty in order to better understand Him), He seems to work in this manner. First, He thinks through all things before doing anything. Part of the thought process is to develop a purpose (the desired goal) for any action taken. With a purpose in mind, He next develops a plan of action. Then, finally, with a plan in place, He puts the plan into action and thereby accomplishes what He originally purposed to do. We have no concept of the time involved in thinking, establishing a purpose, and planning; in the mind of God these may all occur instantaneously. Putting it all in place and making it all work as desired is what we call history (both the natural history of the universe and human history).

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